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Eighty9 Coffee No. 139 Indonesia - 250g

Eighty9 Coffee No. 139 Indonesia - 250g

COFFEE FARM: Bener Meriah group
ALTITUDE: 1,200 - 1,450 MASL
PROCESS: Giling Basah (Wet Grinding)
CUP SCORE: 84.25
CUP PROFILE: Raspberry & lime with Black Pepper, Dark Chocolate Tamarind and a Sweet Smokey body

400 farmers spread over 450ha grow the beans for this coffee. The climate and sandy, silty, clay soil allow for spicy, smoky full bodied coffee.
The Mandheling coffee group receive training on tree management to assure the best coffee possible. They are also trained on conservation of the natural environment, waste management and safe working conditions
Once picked the coffee undergoes a 12-hour fermentation process before then being dried for 1-2 days to around 35-40% moisture. Once the coffee has reached this moisture it is then sent for hulling and then further dried to down to around 15-18%. From here the coffee is then transported to Medan where it is finally dried down to 13% moisture content

Why No. 139? - This is the number of volcanoes in Indonesia


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