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Flamstead Estate, located in the parish of St Andrew, at an altitude of 2800 – 3280 feet above sea-level, lies in an area associated with the production of high quality Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee since 1764. Coffee varieties planted consist of Arabica Typica and Geisha and special attention is paid to sustainable agricultural practices to ensure water and soil conservation. Rain harvesting is practiced and the water recycled as much as possible to reduce impact on the environment.

Coffee beans are hand-picked by experienced cherry-pickers well-seasoned in the necessary skills. Floating of ‘cherry berries’ to separate ‘lights’ (coffee which looks good but has usually been bitten by berry borer insects) is undertaken. The coffee pulpery uses the minimum amount of water possible to properly prepare washed Arabica coffee. The pulper is equipped with a sorting feature that separates any over-ripe or green cherry that may have slipped into the batch being pulped. Cherry skin is removed without water and then the parchment is washed in a mechanical washer or fermentation tanks. Recombination of the water, coffee pulp and mucilage has created the perfect environment for California earthworms to convert this mix to valuable compost which is re-used on the farm to build up the soil with chicken litter thereby reducing the amount of fertilizer required. BMCV coffee is sun dried in batches on elevated wooden trays exposed to the sun and constantly turned. This enhances the quality of the coffee and ensures the parchment receives personal attention and minimal damage. If, however, on account of wet weather or for other reasons, the beans have to be mechanically dried, box or rotary driers are employed.

Eight sizes of bean are separated, four of which are for export, namely, #1, #2, #3, and Peaberry. Just prior to hand-sorting – truly a skill to behold – the beans are passed along a density table to facilitate identification of any defective beans.

Cup quality is superb, with notes of rich, dark chocolate and a round, sweet quality which dominates the cup. “Soft red berry notes and a gentle acidity are great straight or in a cappuccino.”

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