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Eighty9 Coffee No. 10 Brazil - 250g

Eighty9 Coffee No. 10 Brazil - 250g

COFFEE FARM: Santa Hedwirges
LOCATION: Carmo Da Cachoeira, Sul de Minas
ALTITUDE: 900 - 1,000 MASL
PROCESS: Natural
CUP PROFILE: Plum and Cherry with Almond. A rich dark chocolate body

Fazenda Salto is an 800 Ha farm run by Fabio & his sons André and Juca. Always striving to produce quality coffee by aiming at excellence, Fabio is always aware of the importance of sustainability, and environmental & social issues on the farm. Embracing the emergence of specialty coffee by investing in modern technology & practices, they have installed new static drying boxes & built raised beds to produce high-quality lots. They have mapped out the farm as well allocating different parcels to different processes.
This natural lot was machine harvested and then separated by density and ripeness with ripe cherry being selected. From here the coffee was then taken to dry on the patios and turned regularly until 11.35 % moisture. Then the coffee is rested in wooden silos for 10 days before being milled and bagged and taken to the Cooperative.

Why No. 10 – Pele. Need we say more!

Also available at https://www.eighty9.ie/product-category/coffee/eighty9/



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