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Eighty9 Coffee No. 5 Ethiopia - 250g

Eighty9 Coffee No. 5 Ethiopia - 250g

COFFEE FARM: Bombe Dry Fermentation
LOCATION: Bombe, Shantawene & Keramo, Sidama region, southern Ethiopia
ALTITUDE: 2,000 - 2,400 MASL
VARIETAL: Mixed Heirloom Varietals
CUP PROFILE: Grapefruit, Hops, Flat Peach. A very juicy & sweet coffee with a delicate, floral cup profile

The coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains in Ethiopia, where it is grown.
Processed by a variation on the traditional washed process, the fruit is removed from the beans, then dry fermented. The coffee bean pulp is let rest in climate controlled tanks after the seed and skin have been removed resulting in a hearty, complex and apparent red fruit flavour.
Special processing techniques, such as shaded fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as mesh shaded drying tables allow for the extremely high quality beans. Notably the mill is co-run by Alkilt Dejene, a female agronomist who worked on the award winning Gesha Village project for several years.

Why No.5 – Ethiopia is the 5th largest coffee producer in the world. That’s a lot of coffee.

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