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Eighty9 Coffee Special Geisha - La Gabriela, Colombia - 250g

La Gabriela has been in the Velasquez family for 4 generations. The current owner of La Gabriela is Catalani, who’s grandmother received the 26ha farm as a wedding present from her parents so that she and her new husband would have an opportunity to grow food and provide for themselves through coffee. This farm is regarded as a sacred place for the family and is named after Catalina’s grandmother, Gabriela Vasquez.

The family have grown and developed La Gabriela over the past 5 years and have transformed this farm into their “Garden of Eden”: planting exotic varietals including Java, Pacamara, Red & Yellow Bourbon, Geisha, Tabi, Maragoype and Typica. These coffee plants grow in the rich red fertile soil that is slightly alkaline across the 9 plots that make up this Rainforest Alliance certified farm.

On La Gabriela they have 45 employees in total who are overseen by the manager Fabian and his wife Dora who does the cooking for all the employees. The workers here have access to Wifi when they stay and work on the farm as well. There is a huge emphasis placed on picking only the ripest cherries with signs positioned around the farm to help workers understand the importance of this to the quality of the coffee.

This Geisha coffee comes from one plot on the farm where these trees are just 5 years old. The coffee is carefully selected before it is then taken to the wet mill where it is cleaned, floated and separated. After this it is then taken to the constructed drying house they have built on the farm. This tent has 100 small beds where they can lay out the coffee and dry it slowly moving it 5 times a day and drying it for between 15 – 20 days weather depending at around 35 centigrade.


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