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Eilles Envelope – Green Tea- Asia Superior

Eilles tea bags deluxe – green tea – Asia 25 pieces

Fine green tea from exclusive gardens in Central Asia. This tea has a delicately sweet natural note and a pleasantly tangy aroma. The bright, appetizing yellow cup color and the intense taste make it a much-noticed specialty.

The tea bag deluxe line from Eilles with its elegant foil bag packaging is ideal as a gift! The elegant presentation of the design and, above all, the special foil are a step ahead of the usual paper envelopes in which normal tea bags are packed. This way, the tea remains particularly aroma-safe and tastes fresher than you expect!

They are delivered in a display box with 25 portions (31.25g), from which you can easily remove bag by bag.

Start the day with a cup of EILLES Decaffeinated tea, our full range is in our shop: https://www.eighty9.ie/product-category/tea/



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