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Eighty9 No. 3810 Bolivia Peaberry Los Rodriguez- 250g

Eighty9 No. 3810 Bolivia Peaberry Los Rodriguez- 250g

Farm: Peaberry Cocktail

Growing Altitude: 1,550 to 1,700 MASL

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Milling Process: Washed

Flavour: Floral aroma, plums & cherry, chocolate mousse, fresh hazelnuts & almonds

Body: Creamy with bright acidity

Cup score: 85.75

The Peaberry Cocktail or ‘Los Rodriguez’ is a blend of beans from farms in the Caranavi of Bolivia. The elevations of the farms are between 1,550m and 1700m above sea level. The bean varieties, Red Caturra and Red & Yellow Catuai, have been wash processed and then dry fermented for 18h. The producer won the SCA Sustainability Award in 2019 for their business model.

Why No. 3810? – It’s the altitude of Lake Titicaca

Also available at https://www.eighty9.ie/product-category/coffee/eighty9/



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