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Eighty9 Coffee No. 46 Rwanda - 250g

Eighty9 Coffee No. 46 Rwanda - 250g

COFFEE / FARM: Bwenda 577 86+
LOCATION: Nyamagabe, Rwanda
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon
PROCESS: Natural
CUP SCORE: 86.25
CUP PROFILE: Red spices, cherry & dark plum, dark chocolate & pink grapefruit; very full sweet round body

Bwenda is the third washing station of Bernard Uwitije, the others being Gitega Hills and Ibisi, which we have featured before. This station was developed in 2018 to help isolated farmers with processing their cherries into high quality coffee. Bernard is already developing various programs to help farmers delivering to Bwenda with extension services and he is expanding the capacity of the wet mill.
During the harvest the farmers deliver cherry to the washing station where they are floated and separated before then being pulped and fermented in tanks overnight until the mucilage is ready to be washed off. From here it then passes through the grading channels before then being taken to the raised beds and dried for 10 – 14 days.

Why No. 46 - Rwanda is the 46th largest country in Africa, out of 54 (3 times smaller than Ireland - for reference).

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