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Eighty9 No. 5 Ethiopia

Eighty9 No. 5 Ethiopia Heirloom

Region: Biftu Gudina Farm, Ethiopia

Growing Altitude: 1910 metres

Process: Washed

Arabica Variety: Heirloom

Flavour: Gooseberry, lime and peach, kumquat acidity

Body: A very round and complex cup

Cup score: 88

The cooperative was established in 2012 and is located in the Agaro – Goma wordea district within the Jimma zone. There are about 150 smallholders in total. Located near Jimma town the cooperative benefits from high altitude and rich fertile soils. The coffee is washed and sorted by hand before it goes into the pulper. Afterwards the beans are soaked in clean water for 8 hours. The beans are then sun dried for 10 to 14 days on raised African beds and then carefully hand sorted again. This region is famous in specialty coffee circles thanks to the coffees incredibly complex and luscious flavour. Expect intense jasmine and magnolia florals, notes of apricot, lime and hops and a complex honey sweetness.

Why No.5 – Ethiopia is the 5th largest coffee producer in the world. That’s a lot of coffee.

Also available at https://www.eighty9.ie/product-category/coffee/eighty9/



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